Heather (hedder_42) wrote in disabled_teens,

I get to use crutches! Whoo!

This is a scary thought. I might injure something else using these things! Well, the other day, I fell on the ice, and I didn't hurt. Lastnight though, I fell to my knees, my leg hurt so bad! So I went into the ER. 4 hours later they said I had bruised my hip bone and pelvic bone. So I am on PERCOCET! YAY!
I am done now. Anyways, I think they should use percocet as a anti-depperessant. I use it, and I am totally knowing what is going on, and everything is as normal as usual, except, I don't hurt anywhere, not my leg, not my emotions. I guess thats why its a PAIN killer.
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