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Filling out fields on internet sites entitled "about you" in which no one will ever really read anyway. I could just type about randon crap here and no one will ever really see it. See me typing about crap that no one will ever read. Blah blah blah, yup, typing about nothing. I could even misspel crap or make up some words like: pupisis. Or even the plural version: pupisises.

Like I'm going to take this field seriously. Did you see the last field!? I mean seriously... common. I guess I could make some stupid band name up...like The Running Clown. Or 'The Pupisises'. Because there is more than one. If there were like a whole bunch of them then they could be called 'The Pupisiseses'. There album would be called 'The Pupisiseses: The compelation!' ...and there would be all like an explanation point and crap.

This has to be the most boring profile ever. I can't believe you are still reading this. What is wrong with you. Go out and do something, seriously.

Sometimes i just sit around and think "man, wouldn't it be cool if we were all made out of ding dongs? i don't really think that. I'm hungry. Are you hungry? Lets go out and get something somewhere. No, not there. You always want to go there. Lets go to someplace different. How about Italian? Do want Italian? No? I can't believe you are still reading this.

Now down to business.....
When you join, it will be nice to get to know you people.
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